Police, experts advise open of dangers from K2 drug in California



NEWTON That honeyed smell entrance from your teenagers’ room might not be strawberries. It could be K2 incense. And it could kill them.

K2 incense; also famous as Spice or G-Four; is an scent product that contains criminialized sovereign Drug Enforcement Administration Schedule-1 fake cannabinoids done to impersonate a effects of a pot “high.” The drug’s honeyed smell has been likened to strawberries.

The product is sole over a opposite during internal preference stores as scent to any chairman with $30. Unlike tobacco products or alcohol, there is no age limitation on a squeeze of K2 incense in New Jersey. Traditional drug tests do not detect K2 incense; an additional screening routine is used to detect a fake drug.

K2 incense resembles dusty spices or oregano and comes in a accumulation of sizes and scented flavors finished in tiny cosmetic tubes or foil bags. The product can be smoked in pipes, water pipes or rolling papers, like marijuana, and a mixture are not regulated.

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