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Council to consider K2 incense ban on second reading

By Tori Brock Staff Reporter

HUNTSVILLE — An ordinance banning the sale of K2 incense, a legal substance with effects similar to marijuana, will go before the Huntsville City Council for a second reading and vote Tuesday night.

K2 incense is a brand name of incense, packaged with a warning that says “not for human consumption,” however, that’s exactly what’s happening. People are smoking the herbal mix instead of burning as incense and it’s caused hospitalizations in Huntsville and deaths in other parts of the country. The substance is being sold legally in service stations, smoke shops and on the Internet.

K2 incense – What Parents should know about Marijuana Alternative

K2 incense drug gains world attention as new and dangerous threat with a potency ten times that of marijuana. The repercussions of its use are uncertain as authorities scramble to set a precedence.

It all started in the mid-90’s when John Huffman, a chemist at Clemson University, created a synthesized substance he called JWH-018 which is similar to the active ingredient of marijuana THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) although ten time more potent. No scientific reason was given or could be found for the effort to create such a drug other than the scientists wanting to study the effects of these drugs on the brains of mice.

Spice bill moves to Senate

The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Jan 31 2011 05:53PM
Updated Jan 31, 2011 07:55PM

A proposed state-wide ban of synthetic cannabinoids continued to cruise through the Legislature on Monday, earning a favorable recommendation from the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

HB23 would ban the sale, possession and distribution of synthetic cannabinoids, chemicals created in laboratories that can mimic the effects of marijuana. The chemicals are sprayed on herbs and sold as incense under brand names like Spice, K2 incense and Black Mamba.

Counselors Warn of New Drug Craze

Counselors say it’s the latest drug fad among teens.

“Believe it or not kids are smoking incense,” Drug Counselor Karen Eischens said. “It’s easy to get, it creates a high similar to marijuana, and it’s cheap” 

Incense, sold under names like K2 incense, Blaze, and Spice, can be found at gas stations and tobacco stores across the U.S. It comes in small packets, full of loose incense that teens are apparently rolling and smoking to get high. There are hundreds of videos posted on YouTube of teens trying this new fad, said to be more dangerous than real pot.

Alaska legislation would ban smoke-shop ‘incense’ OTC drugs K2 incense, Spice

Eric Christopher Adams | Feb 02, 2011

The Alaska Legislature is considering legislation that would ban over-the-counter drugs called synthetic cannabinoids that induce psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects similar to those caused by pure THC, which comes from the cannabis plant, or by mescaline, which comes from the peyote cactus.

Cannabis is one of “the most widely used illicit substances in the world,” according to the United Nations, but at-home use was decriminalized to an extent here in Alaska back in 1978.

Rep. Cathy Muńoz, a Juneau Republican, told the Juneau Empire that she introduced the legislation “after speaking to someone who was hospitalized with heart attack-like symptoms from ingesting a cannabinoid product.” The products she refers to are sold under brands like K2 incense or Spice.

After three students were sickened the past two weekends from K2 incense, or synthetic marijuana, Lebanon Valley College has instituted a ban on the substance on campus.

Students were warned the substance, which is also known as “spice” and “spice gold,” not only mimics the effects of marijuana but can cause dangerous health effects including racing heart, skyrocketing blood pressure and high anxiety/paranoia.

Greg Krikorian, LVC vice president of student affairs, told students that while herbs are listed as ingredients on a package of K2 incense, it also contains synthetic compounds that have a mind-altering effect and can multiply the negative effects of marijuana three to five times.


City of Huntsville bans K2

By Jessica Priest

Web and Multimedia Editor

City of Huntsville bans K2 Photo courtesy of DEA


The City of Huntsville took a preemptive strike against the growing popularity of K2 incense by banning the psychedelically-packaged substance on Tuesday by a vote of 7 to 2.

K2 incense is a synthetic form of marijuana. Commonly sold in convenience stores, smoke shops and the internet, it is marketed as incense and labeled as “not for human consumption.”

Regardless of this warning, many people are using the substance to get high, and a number of hospitalizations, as many as 16 states, have been reported, according to a database search of the nation’s newspapers. Huntsville Police Chief Kevin Lunsford said Huntsville is no different.

“We have had some instances [of people ingesting K2 incense and being hospitalized because of it] here in Huntsville,” he said.

UNCG Student Describes Bad Experience With K2 incense


Alex Hedrick said he smoked K2 incense for a year, until he had a trip so bad that he thought he was going to die. 

“Just sick. Your heart starts racing really fast and you get pretty woosy, and it’s just not really that good of an experience,” Hedrick said.

K2 incense, also called “fake pot,” is an incense designed to mimic the effects of marijuana. A mix of herbs and spices is sprayed with a chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana.

It is currently legal to buy in North Carolina, but lawmakers are wanting to join eight other states in banning the spice. UNCG banned it a month ago.

SAN MARCOS — The Kyle City Council earlier this week took the first step in banning the sale of synthetic marijuana products known as “K2 incense” and “Spice.”

The council voted 6-1 on first reading to make the purchase, sale or use of salvia divinorum a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 . The council is planning a final vote at their next meeting.

Kyle Council Member David Wilson said that while he expects K2 incense will become illegal everywhere soon, he didn’t want to wait to keep it out of Kyle.

Navy Busts 150 Sailors for Spice

Over the last four months, the Navy has discharged 150 sailors for possessing Spice, the smokable herbal product that mimics he effects of marijuana. On Thursday, 16 sailors on the USS Bataan in Norfolk, Virginia were busted.
Spice Gold

Those discharged were either caught with Spice or K2 incense by officers during room inspections or ratted out by other sailors. “When sailors minds are altered and they’re not able to function at peak capacity they not only risk their own lives they risk the lives of those around them,” says Fleet Master Mike Stevens.

Altoona considers ban on K2 incense

Altoona (WQOW) – As the federal government figures out what to do about a synthetic drug, a local community is taking action of its own.

Next week, the Altoona City Council will look at a measure to ban K2 incense in the city. K2 incense is a flavored incense, that when smoked, gives the user a high. It is also known as synthetic marijuana.  The City of Eau Claire passed a similar ban last summer.

Seabrook seeks ban on intoxicating synthetic substances

By Angeljean Chiaramida Staff writer

SEABROOK — A few months after the Drug Enforcement Agency banned K2 incense and other synthetic cannabinoids products sold as potpourri and incense, a group of concerned Seabrook residents is now bringing the fight against the intoxicating substances to the local level.

H.C. police snuffing out sales of pot-like herbs

NYT Regional Media Group

HAINES CITY — A campaign launched last October to crack down on convenience stores that sell an incense-branded product that some teenagers smoke like marijuana has been a huge success, Haines City Police Chief Rick Sloan said.

Since Sloan joined with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd on Oct. 26 to announce that they would crack down on local convenience stores selling K2 incense or Spice, these incense products often smoked for a marijuana-like high have disappeared from local stores, the chief said.

Incense Sales Still Widespread After “K2 incense Ban”

Springfield, MO) — Getting high could be as easy as pulling up to a drive-through. **

Smokers are searching for a legal buzz by taking a toke of herbal incense.

You may remember, K2 incense smokers bought the blend for a shot at a legal high.

When state lawmakers picked up on the trend and possible side effects, they banned chemicals in the popular brand and other incense blends.

City Looks At Emergency Ban On Smokeable Incense

CORPUS CHRISTI — Smokeable incense is being sold across Corpus Christi under products such as

K2 incense, Spice and Space 2. It is illegal in Alice, Beeville and Kingsville.

Now the city of Corpus Christi is looking to ban it with an emergency ordinance, set to go before the counsel tomorrow.

Doctors See the Dangers of Smoking k2 Incense

Springfield, MO) — Herbal incense smokers are lighting up to get high, but sometimes their buzz is ending in a trip to the hospital.

Poison control centers across the country took 14 exposure calls about so-called “synthetic pot” in 2009. The number jumped to 2,870 calls last year. By the first week of 2011, the new year had ushered in 385 new calls already.

By Fredrick Kunkle

Virginia took another step toward snuffing out the legal sale of synthetic marijuana in the state when the House of Delegates voted 98-0 on Monday to prohibit the substance known as “spice” or K2 incense.

Law enforcement officials expressed alarm after the substance, which consists of dried herbs sprayed with psychoactive chemicals, began appearing as “herbal incense” in head shops, tobacco shops, convenience stores, gas stations and other venues around the commonwealth in the past few years.

Harmless incense or synthetic drug: State Senate bill 331 proposes latter

Sen. Florence Shapiro, R-8, filed a bill criminalizing the sale, manufacture and possession of chemicals present in fake marijuana, stirring the pot for synthetic THC in this upcoming legislative session.

Legal herbs mimicking the effects of THC in marijuana are on the market and available for anyone over the age of 18 to purchase legally in Texas. K2 incense, Spice, Space, Genie and other products labeled as incense have become popular in the past year in the United States and at Texas State.

(Springfield, MO) — Getting a hold of so-called “fake pot” is as easy as walking into a gas station or a head shop.

Now, you can even buy products sold as K2 incense alternatives at a Springfield drive thru.

Lawmakers in Jefferson City tried to clamp down on K2 incense sales last year by making them illegal. But new blends just took the place of the old ones.

Huron County sheriff deputies seize K2 marijuana alternative from convenience store

BAD AXE — The Huron County Sheriff’s Department is leading a charge to eradicate the county of K2 incense.

After receiving a tip that a Verona Township convenience store was selling the marijuana substitute, which was outlawed in Michigan in October, deputies confiscated 24 packets of the herbal mixture, said Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson.

City Bans Smokable Incense And All Smoking Devices

CORPUS CHRISTI – At Tuesday’s city council meeting, city leaders banned the selling of all smokeable incense that cause a marijuana-like high, as well as the sale of devices like pipes.

At least one local smoke shop owner says the new ban will put her out of business.

Kim Davis of Mr. Nice Guys says, “It is going to hurt us tremendously.”

‘Spice’ — the dangerous new teen drug

making inroads among students in school systems across the nation is a new drug known as “spice.” Also known as K2 inecnse, spice is a mixture of herbs and spices that typically is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.  It mimics the effects of marijuana and can be purchased in head shops, tobacco shops, various retail outlets and over the internet as a chemically-laced incense product.

For many years, smoke shops like hers have walked a careful line regarding the sale of controversial products like pipes and other smoking tools.

K2 confiscated from Verona Township store

Sheriff warns parents to be on the lookout

UPPER THUMB — After deputies found synthetic marijuana (K2 incense) still is being sold in the area, Huron County Sheriff Kelly J. Hanson is asking citizens to be on the lookout.

After receiving a tip about the incense K2 incense still being sold in the local area Tuesday morning, sheriff’s deputies began an investigation, which resulted in 24 packets of K2 incense being confiscated from a convenience store in Verona Township.

K2 incense, which was outlawed in Michigan in October 2010, is an incense that people smoke to get the same effects as smoking marijuana. It also can cause severe hallucinations and seizures, Hanson said.


There’s a dangerous new drug trend sweeping the Tennessee Valley. They are products being marketed and sold as something innocent, but being used to get high. We’re talking about products labeled as bath salts and herbal incense. We’re tackling herbal incense products called Spice and K2 incense.

Until recently, they were absolutely legal to purchase in Alabama. Our hidden camera investigation shows the products are still available on store shelves.

New Drug Test Screens for K2, Bath Salts

CORPUS CHRISTI – K2 incense and other  incense products are now illegal in Corpus Christi. For employers and law enforcement there’s one catch: these substances don’t show up on standard drug tests.

That’s where Robert Heuel and the local U.S. Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing come in.

“You know, most people think it can’t best tested for,” Heuel said.

He works with a lab in Houston to provide law enforcement and local employers a test that can detect the ingredients in K2 incense along with other synthetic drugs.

NC Senate OKs synthetic pot ban

RALEIGH, N.C. — The state Senate on Thursday approved two bills that would ban synthetic marijuana as well as a substance sold as plant food that’s often used as a recreational drug.

Both pieces of proposed legislation now go to the state House.

Police Confiscate Synthetic Drugs


MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Michigan State Police said more than 15,000 illegal items, including K2 incense and bath salts, were confiscated from a Madison Heights store.Police said the items are drugs used for hallucinogenic highs and come in flavors like cotton candy, cherry and apple spice. The items were being pushed toward children, police said. The drugs were disguised and


Muskogee Public Schools officials warn of ‘legal high’

By Wendy Burton Phoenix Staff Writer

Teenagers getting high is nothing new.

But, Muskogee teenagers have turned to smoking K2 incense despite state legislators’ attempts to ban incense containing dangerous chemicals.

Substance abuse experts see signs of synthetic drug use in Southwest Florida

NAPLES — The recent wave of popularity of synthetic drugs in Florida has been fueled by the fact that they’re legal and easy to buy, experts say.

“When it’s tough to get the real stuff, they turn to the fake stuff,” said Sgt. Jim Baker of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s vice and narcotics bureau.

Concerned Citizens Ask Houston To Ban K2 incense

Dr. Kusum Vyas was among of handful of people who spoke to the Houston city council today. She and the others feel that products like k2 incense and spice present a health hazard because they are unregulated and untested.


Ruining Your Buzz: K2 incense Ban, and Others, At Full Speed Ahead in PA House

k2BlondeA couple months back, we told you about “synthetic cannabis” or “spice” or “K2 incense” or, whatever. It’s a drug that’s legally sold in some places within the United States as mood-affecting incense, users can sort of get high off it and best of all, you can pass a drug test after using. Except now the PA House is one step closer to changing all that. Not the science of the drug, just the availability. And without availability, what’s the point of the science, right?

Crack down on drug called K2 incense

MACON, MO. — Macon’s Police Chief gave the public a lesson Wednesday night on a potentially deadly drug known as K2 incense.

about 70 people showed up at Macon High School to learn more about the drug also known as “spice”

It’s been around since 2006 but finally became illegal in Missouri in 2010.


Tribune Opinion: Lawmakers, residents should get behind effort to stop K2 incense distribution

We are happy to see lawmakers, as well as medical and education officials, taking notice of spice.

We certainly support Senate Bill 134, which would add the synthetic form of cannabis known as K2 incense, to the list of other schedule I drugs, such as heroine.

Spice is being sold in Colorado liquor stores, convenience stores and other retail outlets without regulation or oversight. It’s readily available throughout Greeley. And frankly, it’s dangerous, especially to children.

Prosecutor urges halt to K2 incense, bath salts sales

Mingo County Prosecuting Attorney C. Michael Sparks has issued a challenge to all local convenience stores, grocers and gas stations to immediately stop selling K2 incense and bath salts.

He noted that K2 incense is also marketed under the trade names of Spice, Demon and Genie.

Sparks stressed that K2 incense and related products are marketed as herbal incense, but commonly abused (smoked) as synthetic cocaine.

Danger from synthetic drugs unregulated in Texas

by Stacia Willson / KENS 5

Synthetic drugs have become increasingly popular and as easy to buy as cigarettes.

Medical experts have recently linked several deaths to “K2 incense,” a brand name for a dried herbal blend that can be smoked. K2 incense contains synthetic chemicals that mimic the illegal narcotic THC.


Not your grandmother’s bath salts

Designer drugs make way to local store shelves

Some bath salts being sold locally are far from clean.Certain herbs that have caught on are not natural.

But they are all legal – at least for now – and they are being used to get high.

Jennifer Reeder, assistant director of the West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission, has seen evidence of them as she strives to assist clients in overcoming substance habits in Lycoming and Clinton counties.


First K2 incense arrest made in city

By Tori Brock The Huntsville Item


Huntsville has had its first arrest for possession of K2 incense, a synthetic marijuana that was sold legally as incense before the Huntsville City Council criminalized possession and sale of the substance earlier this month.

Spice, K2 incense Now Illegal In Arizona

PHOENIX — Say so long to spice.On Tuesday, Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that makes the synthetic form of marijuana illegal.

Officers pull ‘K2 incense’ from South Sioux stores

SOUTH SIOUX CITY — Police confiscated synthetic marijuana from two stores in South Sioux City on Wednesday after Gov. Dave Heineman signed an emergency measure to banning the class of chemicals.

Lawmakers passed the measure banning “K2” or “spice” earlier this month. Because it carries an emergency clause, the law went into effect immediately.


“Legal weed” has health and law enforcement officials seeking ban


CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) – Synthetic marijuana or “legal weed” has certainly come a long way. It’s legal, and it’s sold in gas stations, head shops and convenience stores everywhere.


Synthetic weed now illegal

This Spice product and others using like synthetic cannabinoids are now illegal in Arizona.

Click here to find out more!

By Jon Johnson
Assistant Editor
Published on Friday, February 25, 2011 12:53 PM MST

Some people will try anything to achieve a high, from snorting bath salts and plant food to smoking products marketed as incense. Now one of the products may not only land the user in the hospital, it could also cause them to be put behind bars.

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