Student Hospitalized for Consuming Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana keeps appearing in headlines across the country- most involving the hospital.

A young Iowa High School student was hospitalized after smoking what is believed to be synthetic marijuana.

At around 8:30 in the morning, someone spotted the teens on a street corner and reported them as being truant.

The other two students involved did not experience  such a reaction, and were returned to class.

The students were not on school property at the time. They had apparently gone to school that morning, then left the building. By the time a staff member arrived, one of the students was on the ground and couldn’t get up,

The names or ages of the students were not released to protect their privacy.

The remaining substance was turned over to police for chemical analysis, and it is currently unclear how the students secured the synthetic marijuana.

Iowa lawmakers tightened regulations and laws around synthetic drugs, which are often marketed as incense or bath salts, but experts warned manufacturers would continue trying to circumvent the new law by altering their recipes.

Three East High School students were hospitalized in February, also after ingesting synthetic marijuana and related substances.

Synthetic marijuana can be extremely dangerous, infinitely more dangerous than its real counterpart.

Programs have been put into place to help educate the young people of Iowa about the dangers of various drugs, including the synthetic marijuana which is one of the more hot topics.

As the school year starts, this is a stark reminder of the dangers surrounding these substances. Education is key to prevent more incidents like this.

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