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  • Synthetic Marijuana Third Most Reported Substance Used by U.S. High School Students

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     University of Maryland, at college park states synthetic marijuana is third most abused substance amongst young teens.

    SOURCE: Adapted by CESAR from The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the MetLife Foundation, The Partnership Attitude
    Tracking Study (PATS): Teens and Parents, 2013. Available online at http://www.drugfree.org/newsroom/research-
    publication/full-report-and-key-findings-the-2012-partnership-attitude-tracking-study-sponsored-by-metlife-foundation .

    More high school students report using synthetic marijuana than any other substance besides alcohol and
    marijuana, according to data from a recently released survey of 9th to 12th graders. Alcohol and marijuana
    were the most prevalent drug used, with 57% reporting alcohol use and 39% reporting marijuana use in the
    past year in 2012. The third most prevalent substance used was synthetic marijuana (12%), often referred to
    as K2 or Spice. Use of all other substances was reported by 10% or less of high school students. Similar
    results have been found by other surveys of high school students (see CESAR FAX, Volume 21, Issue 5).

    Synthetic marijuana ranks third among drug use in teens, behind marijuana and alcohol.
    Synthetic marijuana ranks third among drug use in teens, behind marijuana and alcohol.

    Editor’s Note: Synthetic marijuana products typically consist of plant material treated with synthetic
    cannabinoids, psychoactive substances designed to bind to and stimulate the same receptors in the brain as
    THC. Synthetic marijuana use in general has been linked with adverse effects such as increased heart rate
    and blood pressure, anxiety, agitation, and acute kidney injury (see CESAR FAX, Volume 20, Issue 17 and
    Volume 22, Issue 7). However, there are more than 140 different types1 of synthetic cannabinoids, each with
    potentially different potency as well as adverse effects2. The exact synthetic cannabinoids contained in
    synthetic marijuana products is impossible to determine without specific testing—studies have shown that
    the types and amounts of synthetic cannabinoids can vary greatly between products, lots, and even within
    the same package3. In reality, youth who report using synthetic marijuana likely have no idea what specific
    synthetic cannabinoid they are using or what the effects will be.


  • Zombie Attack Linked to Bath Salts Use. (Graphic)

    Bath salts linked to zombie-like cannibalistic attack in Miami

    Randy Eugene's Victim Graphic
    Randy Eugene’s Victim- Graphic. This is what the victim’s face looked like after the attack.

    Rudy Eugene, a 31 year old homeless man was shot to death while eating the face off another 65 year old homeless man in Miami Florida on May 27th. Originally, there was no explanation as to why Randy Eugene would perform such a brutal attack.75% of the 65 year old man’s face is now gone, and he remains in hospital in critical condition. The victim is also missing his eyes and nose.

    Some speculated that this attack was the tip of a zombie apocalypse, as Randy Eugene was 100% unyielding and unresponsive to the officers desperate verbal attempts for him to stop. It also took 4 shots to subdue the man.

    They were almost right.

    This is what the man looks like after extensive surgery done to his face. He is now blind.
    This is what the man looks like after extensive surgery done to his face. He is now blind.

    The man was found to be high on a substance called bath salts, possibly containing the chemicals 4MMC or MDPV. This is not your grandmother’s bath salts, but instead a synthetic form of cocaine. Bath salts and synthetic marijuana in recent years have exploded onto the drug scene, and are the causes of countless emergency room visits and related deaths and other incidents.

    These chemicals cook the body from the inside out, and by the time police and medical officials arrive on the scene of such incidents involving synthetic marijuana and bath salts, they area basically dealing with the walking dead. Users of the drug are sometimes found naked, or in pools in subconscious attempt to lower their body temperatures. These substances also make individuals perform acts that wouldn’t even be considered if not on the drug. Bath Salts and Synthetic cause erratic tendencies and aggressive behavior, and often have to be physically and chemically subdued to prevent harm to themselves and others.

    Zombie Bath Salts Victim Uncensored - This is what the man looked like immediately after the attack. Surgeons weren't sure if he was going to survive.
    Zombie Bath Salts Victim Uncensored – This is what the man looked like immediately after the attack. Surgeons weren’t sure if he was going to survive.

    There are multiple chemicals used in bath salts and synthetic marijuana, and many are covered under the 2011 federal emergency ban. However, there are countless substances with unique chemical signatures that can mimic the effects of these drugs. When one particular chemical is banned, 10 more appear on the market with slightly different structures, thus circumventing the ban.

    The use of any of these chemicals is extremely dangerous, even more so dangerous than their natural counterparts, and should be avoided at all costs.


  • 6,000 Packages of Synthetic Marijuana Seized in Central Ohio

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    A drug task force from central Ohio stationed in Franklin County Seized over 6,000 packages of synthetic marijuana on Wednesday 5/2/12.  The sale of synthetic marijuana, marketed in brand names such as K2 incense, were prohibited this past October.

    Between the afternoon and evening hours, over $250,000 of synthetic marijuana and bath salts were seized, after serving 17 warrants and making 38 buys.  over $150 establishments were involved including gas stations, convenience store, and tobacco and smoke shops.

    The sale of synthetic marijuana has been banned by the federal government, however the states and local municipalities have started to ban the substances one by one, as the federal government lacks the resources to go door to door to eradicate the substances.

    Unlike real marijuana, synthetic marijuana has been responsible for a long list of emergency room visits considering how long it has been “available” to the public.  Synthetc marijuana has life threatening side effects. Although synthetic marijuana toggles the same canniboid receptors in the brain, it does so differently, and with much more potency.

    The substances are very popular amongst teens, who know little about what these packages contain or the risks they assume while consuming these products.  It is attractive to teens due to the fact of its open availability, and many believe that synthetic marijuana does not show up in drug tests, however laboratories have developed test kits for these substances, and testing for synthetic marijuana is becoming more mainstream.  If you suspect your child has been consuming synthetic marijuana, synthetic marijuana drug testing kits are now currently available to the public.

    It is important to educate your children, and keep an eye on their social loop to ensure their health and safety.