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Welcome to k2info.org, your one stop for reliable information about K2 incense, synthetic marijuana, and related “spice” products. These Pages are dedicated to information related to Synthetic marijuana, Bath Salts, and other designer drugs. These new designer drugs are made to mimic their natural counterparts such as Marijuana and Cocaine.  The United States Federal Government recently banned the use of these products, and the States are following one by on on their individual bans.

K2 Incense, bath salts, and other synthetic marijuana and synthetic cocaine products have been linked with serious side effects. The majority of these compounds, namely the JWH series, were never intended for human consumption, and this was confirmed by the creator of these substances, John W Huffman.

“Spice” and “incense” products marketed for the purpose of human consumption (even though “warning” labels state that these products are not for human consumption) are proprietary blends of potpourri- like plant materials sprayed with one of hundreds of synthetic marijuana-like compounds.

The general population is under the misconception that synthetic marijuana products are safer than real marijuana because they are still available in some stores in some states. However, this is not the case.  Research is starting to show that these substances come with some serious and immediate side effects.  Also, some of the compounds have similar chemical structures to those of known carcinogens.

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