Zombie attack in Hawley PA linked to bath salts?


In another raw series of twisted events, it appears that another man succumbed to the after effects of bath salts or synthetic marijuana. Although still unconfirmed, an incident in line with several other documented cases of bath salt or synthetic marijuana over dose has arisen in Hawley, PA.

The bizarre incident played out in the early morning hours of September 7th in Hawley Boro, which is in Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

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According to police sources, a 20 year old man by the name of Richard Ciminio Jr parked his car behind a random home in Hudson Street in Hawley, PA, then stripped almost completely naked. He then tried breaking into the home.. and when unsuccessful, he got completely naked and managed to break into a neighboring home.

He then jumped out a second story window, causing severe injuries to his legs and body.

The lunacy continued when Richard Ciminio proceeded to attack two females who were walking down the street. State Police said that Ciminio tackled one of the females, causing injury to her and covered her in his blood. Police said Ciminio then “began to gnaw” at the victim’s head while “screaming like an animal.”

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They managed to escape and call police. When police arrived, they found the man “delusional and confrontational  in his behavior.” Despite his injuries, he had to be tazed, and eventually he punched a paramedic in the face.  Geisinger Community Medical Center treated Richard Ciminio for his injuries, however he is facing several charges including aggravated assault, burglary, breaking an entering, and others.

“It felt so evil. It felt like the darkest, evilest thing imaginable.”

This “zombie attack” is very similar to the most famous “Miami zombie” who was found to be under the influence of bath salts. A young man named Freddy Sharp recounts his story of plunging into darkness after ingesting bath salts.

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