The most probable cause of the Zombie Apocalypse

Let it be known that a pathogen may not be the only cause of a “zombie apocalypse.”

That being said, with the proliferation of synthetic marijuana and bath salts taking hold of the globe, a number of “odd” cases involving these drugs have started to come to surface in the past several weeks and months.  In addition to the three cases specifically mentioned in the previous article, here are several more, which all bear the same traits.

Keep in mind, it is currently unknown how many specific cases there are of such incidents, however the correlations between the “textbook zombies” and a bath salt overdose victims are striking.

There is a known theory to this phenomenon, and it lies within the victims body temperature while on bath salts. All incidents have reported significantly elevated body temperatures. The brain starts to cook itself, while the same time the body reacts by forcing the victim to remove their clothes. The brain stem remains slightly cooler than the rest of the brain, therefore only the most primitive bodily functions and instincts remain.


In late June of 2012, an emotionally disturbed  woman proclaimed to police that she wanted to “kill someone and eat them.” The police were summoned to a bar, at which point they were notified that she had consumed bath salts.  The arresting officer almost got his face off when he approached the woman.

Later that day, police were summoned when a 20 year old man threatened to kill his entire family. When they found him, he was punching a car.

Another Florida bath salt zombie

Everyone is aware of the now famous Florida bath salt zombie, however there was a much similar case overshadowed around the same time.

A 22 year old man wandered onto a neighbor’s porch, climbed onto the roof and stripped down all while  the homeowner and son fought to protect their property. The father eventually had a chunk taken out of his stomach by the mans teeth, and a police man’s  leg was also bitten in the process.

 Man Bites chunk out of another man’s face

In Lafayette Louisiana, a man bit a chunk out of another mans face after consuming bath salts. The man eventually stole a gun and took a hostage before finally getting subdued by police.

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