Paramedics cite aggressive and unpredictable behavior for synthetic marijuana patients

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – Since January, the Upstate New York Poison Center has handled nearly 400 calls related to spike- a form of synthetic marijuana.

As the problem escalates so are issues for paramedics who say the drug makes users disoriented and violent.

“We have no idea what we were going to walk into,” said Heather Drake, a paramedic with Rural Metro. “Whether the person was going to be going after their family because they were so hopped up on something or they were going to go after us.”

Just a few weeks ago Drake says her and her partner walked into an apartment and found a patient  “completely out of their mind.”

“They were flinging their vomit they attacked my partner,” said Drake. “I grabbed my partner and dragged her out of the room.” “The firefighters were in there just trying to control this person because they were trying to harm their family,” added Drake.


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