6 kids hospitalized after inhaling synthetic marijuana

CLEVELAND — Police say a group of kids nearly died Sunday after taking drugs from a stranger they met on the street.

The man allegedly gave them K2, a synthetic form of marijuana.

Witnesses near the intersection of West 117th Street and Headley Avenue described the scene after the kids were seen smoking it on a porch.

“They were really off balance,” said a woman who did not want to be identified.

The teens could then be seen stumbling across the lot of a Dairy Mart, before one of them passed out on a tree lawn.

Trying to help, the witness ran over and saw what they had.

“And the packet was black with a skull head on it,” said the witness. “So whatever it could be, I have no idea, but apparently it’s dangerous.”

Doctors say K2 can be deadly and include symptoms such as hallucinations and aggressive behavior.


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