Therapists Warn of the Dangers of Synthetic marijuana, “K2 Incense”, and Spice

Greensboro, NC — Smoking synthetic marijuana is proving to be

more addictive and worse than your health than the real thing.

Last year the number of people in emergency rooms from synthetic marijuana became a huge concern for law enforcement. In March, state legislators banned the sale of “K2 incense” and “Spice.”

Now therapists say they’re treating people suffering from K2 incense addiction.

Scott Kixmiller with The Ringer Center in Greensboro said “K2 incense” is stronger and more addictive than marijuana, making the withdrawal symptoms even worse.

“When people ingest it they may not realize what they’re getting into,” said Kixmiller, a Provisionally Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist for The Ringer Center.

Kixmiller said some of the withdrawal symptoms of synthetic marijuana are nausea, sweat, feelings of unrest, a racing heartbeat, heavy breathing and high blood pressure.  He said the synthetic cannabinoids, “stay in the body longer. So they are more of an attached fixture in the body than say marijuana.”

He says the fact that the cannabinoids stay in the body longer also makes K2 more addictive than marijuana. Kixmiller has seen teens coming into The Ringer Center recently who are addicted to synthetic marijuana,  “K2 incense” and Spice.


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