The Legalization of Marijuana receives an unexpected boost: K2 Incense, Spice Popularity

The legalization of marijuana might be receiving an unexpected boost from its lesser “cousins”: K2 incense and Spice (synthetic marijuana).

Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialist of Narconon International, says in the release, “The problem is manufacturing labs are able to make tiny alterations in the molecular structure of the THC-like derivative compounds used, which allows them to replace banned chemicals with new ones that have similar, but possibly more potent properties that are outside DEA jurisdiction.” The government can only ban specific chemical compounds they deem dangerous, not entire categories of products. Remember that K2 incense is marketed as incense, and marked “not for human consumption. The idea of limiting the scope of bans is a good thing. But companies can exploit this and stay one step ahead of the DEA by constantly changing their formula whenever the old one gets banned. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already have tested out dozens of different chemicals, in preparation for the seemingly inevitable intervention of the DEA. In theory, thousands of chemical compounds can be constructed to give THC like highs, and not be covered under individual bans.  K2 incense and synthetic marijuana, in theory, might help to force the legalization of marijuana.

So what is the DEA to do? Just keep banning the next synthetic cannabinoid, knowing that the “incense” companies will be two, or ten, steps ahead of them? This will most likely lead to the drugs being much more dangerous with each new generation of fake pot. According to Narconon,  “Attributed deaths in 2010 were nine.” It’s terrible grammar, but you get the point. This stuff can actually kill you, unlike the drug it’s imitating (no one has ever died from consuming marijuana).  Will the legalization of marijuana stop these companies form manufacturing synthetic marijuana products? One would assume that the demand for synthetic marijuana will decrease due to the legalization of marijuana. Why buy a potentially more harmful substance if the natural, original alternative were legal

The only way to stop these companies from creating dangerous marijuana imitations is to remove the penalties from using the real thing, IE the legalization of marijuana. The main reason people try fake pot is because it’s legal. Keeping the less-harmful, natural marijuana illegal is just steering people to use these knock-off products, which are incredibly dangerous. If someone wants to experiment with drugs, society might as well allow them to use the safest method, rather than encouraging them to resort to K2 incense or Spice.

Whether you are pro legalization of marijuana, or against the legalization of marijuana, one can assume that something must be done about synthetic knockoffs which are infinitely more dangerous than the real thing.


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