Synthetic Marijuana Causes Kidney Failure

Oregon health officials have cited and documented several cases of synthetic marijuana linked to kidney failure in Oregon and Washington state.

Since may in the area, it has been reported that at least 6 people have had kidney failure related to synthetic marijuana. It is said that the effects can be immediate or cumulative. Several of the cases reported saw immediate kidney failure which resulted in hospitalization.

Kidney failure can now be added to the ever growing list of side effects and health risks surrounding K2 incense, synthetic marijuana or bath salts.

Despite country-wide efforts to ban these substances, they still manage to make their way into the general population, mostly from tobacco stores, head shops, sex shops and gas stations looking to increase their profit margins.

Unfortunately these shops do nothing to warn their customers about the dangers surrounding these products, as many of the store owners don’t even use these products themselves.

According to Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012, all of these substances are now considered to be schedule 1 substances. Meaning, if anyone is caught with these substances they face jail time and fines.

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