Recent synthetic marijuana news

Police in Michigan seize thousands in synthetic marijuana, cocaine, and real marijuana

A 6 month long investigation involving informants came to an end mid November on a series of raids that yielded thousands of illegal substances including synthetic marijuana.  $40,000 in cash and several vesicles were also seized. Five individuals were arrested and face state and felony charges. Synthetic marijuana has been illegal in Michigan, but retailers around the country are still trying to find loopholes in these laws by using different chemicals. However, a recent federal law has banned all synthetic marijuana substances.

Louisiana teens hospitalized after consuming synthetic marijuana

Louisiana is not immune to synthetic marijuana. Numerous reports of teens overdosing has prompted many municipalities to crack down on these substances, particularly Ascension Parish. Local authorities warn parents the dangers of these substances. In 2011, countless cases of hallucinations and seizures resulting in hospitalization have prompted local law makers to take action. On top of current federal bans, It is illegal to distribute synthetic marijuana in Louisiana.

Synthetic marijuana drives young man insane

After a years long battle with synthetic marijuana, a north east Florida teen ended up in solitary confinement after threatening to stab his mother in the heart after consuming synthetic marijuana.  His mother describes her son as an emotionless zombie.

Perhaps he got off lucky, considering synthetic marijuana has been responsible for strokes, bleeding in your head, and other cardiovascular risks.

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