College Football Expands its Synthetic Marijuana Drug Testing

College football to test for synthetic marijuana

Aegis Sciences corporation out of Nashville, Tennessee stated in a newsletter that as of September 10 It will be able to detect dozens of synthetic marijuana compounds as part of its drug testing regimen.

The NCAA Does not currently directly test for the substances even though they are on the banned list. However, contractors such as Aegis or perhaps conference testing can still uncover the use of these substances.

Synthetic marijuana is hard to detect because the chemical components it may be comprised f change so frequently to keep up with related state and federal bans. However, the drug testing industry is furiously playing catch-up, and Aegis in particular will soon be able to detect dozens of these compounds.

For the past two years, cases of the population consuming synthetic marijuana have steadily been increasing despite lawmaker’s efforts to curb or eliminate the sale of these substances.

Synthetic marijuana combines with the same receptors in the brain actual THC does, a bit in a different manner. Synthetic marijuana has been known to be more addictive and much more potent than its natural counterpart. Synthetic marijuana is also responsible for a long and growing list of side effects.

Aegis with about 100 Universities and colleges and the National center for Drug-Free Sport in Kansas City have a large portion of the drug testing market for university and college level athletic drug testing in the country. They have about 300 Colleges and universities total they serve for the NCAA for it’s random year round drug testing.

It also should be known that there are other private companies that manufacture and disperse synthetic marijuana drug testing kits to the public.

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