Woman testifies to getting raped after smoking K2 incense

“The other night I was over at someones house with my friend. We smoked k2 incense and I took the most hits. Whenever I stArt drinking or doing drugs i get carried away. IDk why but it’s like I’d can’t control myself so later while I was still pretty high I went back And did more. By the time I was upstairs I was completely out of it. I laid down and the guy beside me moved my hands under his pants. I wasn’t aware what was going on at first and the next thing I know im giving him a ********. I move off and say no I don’t want to but he kept pushing my head down and when I would try to move myhand he’d grab it. I felt so out of of I went along but i moving off and He’d move me back down and stick his penis in my mouth.
I ended up giving him another and I’m not sure why but when it was over and he asked me how it tastes I stArted shaking my head upset. After I walked down the street alone and felt like killing myself.
I’m sorry this is so long but I feel like I might be overreActing and I feel like crap. Somehow it triggered a memory of sexual abuse when I was younger. I feel stupid and im not even sure why it makes me so upset. how can I forget about this and let it stop bothering me? I realize I need help bc I am also bulimic and I take prescription drugs but idk what to do and this has been really opened up things I thought I had forgotten”

Original testimony

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