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David’s Story
October 4, 1991 – June 6, 2010

David lived his life out loud. In fact, it was his energy and passion for life that makes his death so inconceivable and motivates us every day to tell his story. Just one week before his death, David walked across the stage to receive his high school diploma; a symbol of great accomplishment and great memories. A popular kid and excellent student, David was elected “class comedian” by his peers and successfully completed many AP courses during high school. He was a gifted musician who filled our hearts and home with music.

David met a group of his friends who were planning on attending some graduation parties together. They were all in a celebratory mood, having just graduated from high school. Apparently, some college students who were home for the summer told the boys about a legal substance called K2 incense that is smoked like marijuana. It could be easily purchased in stores and a few of the guys had purchased some that weekend at a local mall. Despite a sincere attempt by one of his friends to stop him, David smoked the K2 anyway and ninety minutes later, he was dead.

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