Examples of K2 incense, Spice and other marijuana substitutes.

Crackdown on bath salt drugs underway

Crackdown on bath salt drugs underway in Burke County

MORGANTON – It didn’t take long for the new Burke County Sheriff to get to work after he was sworn in on Wednesday morning.

By Wednesday afternoon, his deputies were checking stores across the county for what has been labeled as K-2 incense and special Bath Salts.

Both items have been outlawed by the General Assembly because people were abusing them.

“They are smoking it, snorting it, and ingesting it,” said Rick Hasson of the Narcotics Task Force.

“These items are very dangerous,” said Sheriff Steve Whisenant.

One deputy said he came across a person who was high on bath salts earlier this week and had shaved his head and was sure that insects were attacking him.

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