‘Bath Salts’ Spark Powerful Paranoia, Doctors Say

GREENSBURG, Ind. — An emerging drug known as bath salts is gaining popularity in Indiana, where police and doctors are dealing with users suffering from powerful delusions.The stimulant, which mimics the high of methamphetamine and cocaine, is legally sold in powder form under a variety of names, including Diesel, Ivory Wave, Blue Magic, Cloud 9 and White Lightning, mostly at head shops, online and at gas stations.The packets typically cost between $20 and $50 each and are marketed as bath salts, insect repellent or plant fertilizer. This is similar as K2 incense is to marijuana.

The drug can be snorted, injected or smoked, producing a high, but with serious side effects, including severe paranoia.”We had a report here a few weeks back, (the person using bath salts) thought some monkeys were in his trees and he was going to go outside and shoot them out of the trees,” said Decatur County Sheriff Gregory Allen.

source:  theindy

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