Newton County Sheriff cracks down on stores that sell K2 incense

NEWTON COUNTY – Sheriff Joe Walker whistled as he walked into the Get-n-Go Market in Newton County, but that doesn’t mean he’s not serious.

“What we’re trying to do is find and get these bath salts and the K2 stuff out of these stores,” Sheriff Walker said. “Kids are gettting on this stuff. They don’t know what they’re doing”.

Sheriff Walker and his deputies seized thousands of dollars worth of K2 incense, Bath Salts and paraphernalia from three convenience stores on Tuesday.  But he’s not stopping there.  He’s determined to keep raiding stores until all of the synthetic drugs are gone.

“If you got it, you better get it out of your store, because I’m coming,” said Sheriff Walker.

The Department of State Health Services banned K2 and similar drugs on April 22nd.  There is no statewide ban on Bath Salts.

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