Mayor to Testify in Columbus on K2 incense

Mayor Tom Perciak said he will testify today before the Ohio House of Representatives on the dangers of chemicals found in products like K2 incense and K3 incense.

Perciak said he would also speak about laws regarding Internet sweepstakes cafes.

The K2 issue was raised at a City Council meeting Monday night by Ward 3 Councilman Mark Roth, who called it “a travesty” that dangerous chemicals are available to children.

“We need to draw attention to this synthetic marijuana and nip it,”Roth said.

Products like K2 incense are marketed as “herbal incense,” but teens and adults roll the chemically treated vegetable matter into cigarettes and smoke them for what they call a “legal high.”

But unlike marijuana, it’s not the vegetable matter that produces the high — it’s synthetic chemicals the leaves are treated with. In March, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration outlawed the

five chemicals found in the so-called “fake pot” like K2 incense.

K2 incense  is now illegal to sell or buy.

But manufacturers quickly adjusted, using new chemicals and putting the product back on the market as K3. Police Chief Charles Goss said the producers “never missed a beat” in having new stock on store shelves.

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