Synthetic drugs up for discussion

Linn Creek, Mo. —

Anyone interested in learning more about what law enforcement agents call “an emerging problem,” is invited to attend a community awareness program on two synthetic drugs, K2 incense and bath salts.

“We are hoping to educate the community about this emerging problem and its implications and impacts to communities. There will be a short presentation and then a question and answer session with our resident drug expert,” Linn Creek Police Chief Trevor Dowdney said.

Dowdney invited parents, grandparents, elected officials, church leaders, teachers, other law enforcement agents, medical professionals, and convenience store operators to the informational meeting.

What K2 incense/bath salts community awareness program
When Wednesday, June 29, 7 p.m.
Where Camden County Museum, South Locust Street in Linn Creek (on the opposite side of Highway 54 from Route V)
Who Linn Creek Police Department
Info (573) 346-6200

Recent synthetic drug incidents in Camden County

  • Camden County deputies engaged in a pursuit with a driver who was high on bath salts.
  • EMTs treated two young males who had trouble breathing after smoking “spice.”
  • Camdenton police officers investigated the burglary of a smoke shop. The burglars caused nearly $1,000 to the building and stole K3 incense.
  • A man who mixed bath salts into a soft drink suddenly collapsed while Osage Beach police officers a vehicle parked behind a closed business. He was transported to the hospital.

What is K2 incense, K3 incense, Spice?

  • synthetic form of marijuana created by spraying chemicals on a green, leafy plant material
  • affects of smoking spice are similar to the affect of smoking marijuana
  • chemical can be anywhere from 3-800 times as potent as organic marijuana
  • sometimes marketed as incense and can resemble potpourri
  • long term effects of use are not fully known
  • no reported deaths by overdose

Bath salts

  • sold under different names, but generally mimic the effects of cocaine
  • when ingested, can cause panic, anxiety, depression, and paranoia
  • can elevate heart rate, cause tremors, hallucinations, and aggression


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