State’s Attorney Brant warns against K2 incense use

Flora, Ill. —

Clay County State’s Attorney Marilyn Brant is issuing a strong warning to the public that products marketed as K2 incense, or substances similar to K2 incense are extremely dangerous and may be lethal.  These products are being used in Clay County, and the chemicals are suspected to be the cause of the collapse and hospitalization of a Clay County youth recently.

Victims lose consciousness and become unresponsive in a coma-like state.  The victim survived and is recovering, but this could easily have been fatal.

K2 incense is a synthetic substance that, when smoked, has an effect similar to marijuana.  K2 incense and K2 incense substitutes, such as “bath salts,” are smoked, injected, or snorted to gain a “high.”  They are marketed over the internet as “potpourri” or are sometimes offered as a retail item in certain establishments, like bars or liquor stores.    Any charge involving the possession of delivery of K2 incense is a felony charge.

Parents are urged to pay attention to the products their children bring into the home.  If a boy is bringing poupourri or bath salts into the home, that may be a red flag that you should inquire further. These products are marketed over the internet, so if your child is receiving mail-ordered bath salts or poupourri, this is a very serious situation and you may wish to turn the products over to law enforcement officers for testing and/or disposal.

State’s Attorney Brant emphasizes that these products are extremely dangerous, and can potentially be fatal.  Perhaps the best course of action is to be pro-active, destroy any suspicious products, and have a serious discussion with your child about K2 and its substitutes.


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