Synthetic Marijuana Abuse Increasing in Middle School Kids

Synthetic marijuana has been a growing concern for parents nation wide. Parents of high school aged children are not the only ones who need to worry. There are increasing reports from all over the country that kids as
young as the middle school aged spectrum are obtaining and abusing these substances. Teachers are coming forward reporting that they hear their young students discussing the use of these substances.

This is sobering news.  Generally, drug use seems to be on the rise amongst teens. However, the addition of thee new synthetic drugs seems to be adding more fuel to the fire. To make matters worse, many adults aren’t yet aware yet of these substances, and the associated warning signs.

Synthetic marijuana packaging examples
Synthetic marijuana packaging examples- jars

Packaging of these products is also misleading to the uneducated. First, there is little to no consistency to how these products are packaged. Packaging solutions range from small, flat 3 inch by 3 inch anti-static bags, to small one inch cubed plastic jars, and larger similar containers. Another confusing aspect about the packaging of these substances is the labeling itself. Even stores that continuously purchase their stock from the same source will receive these synthetic marijuana products with different labeling on their packages. Some stores also buy these products in bulk, by the pound, and package the substances themselves.

Comotose candy, Fusion Cloud 9 on display
Synthetic marijuana packaging examples: Comotose candy, Fusion, Cloud 9 on display in a North Eastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Shop

Since these substances have little to no regulation in some areas, there is no one source for these synthetic marijuana and bath salt products. Gas stations, convenience stores, tobacco shops, and other retailers have these substances on their shelves. Age restrictions for these products in some areas are shady at best, which helps felicitate younger teens in the purchasing of these products.  Since these products are marketed as incense in many cases, stores are not required to ID potential buyers.

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