Demi Moore Convulses After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

Demi Moore convulses after smoking synthetic marijuana

Example of what to do in the event that someone you know overdoses on synthetic marijuana until paramedics arrive.

The Recent onslaught from the media of cases involving synthetic marijuana overdoses has provided a 911 phone call involving Demi Moore, in which paramedics had to five instructions to friends on how to handle her until paramedics arrive.

Partial 911 transcript:

(Friend) She smoked something, its not marijuana, but its similar to.. it’s similar to incense, and she seems to be having convolutions of sorts.

(Operator) Is she breathing?

(Friend) Yes

(Operator) And she overdosed on uh…

(Friend) Shes convulsing

(Operator) K, listen to me, watch her closely, don’t do anything, don’t put anything in her mouth

(Friend) Im not

(Operator) Was this accidental or intentional?

(Friend) Well it was, she smoked something you know… but the reaction was unintentional.

(Friend2) Can you hear me (to Demi)? (yea she’s squeezing hands.. yea she cant speak

(Operator) OK if she’s not completely passed out this is what I want you to do: don’t give her anything to eat or drink. Have her rest in a position of comfort, wait for the paramedics

(Friend 2) Yea she’s convulsing so we’re holding her down

(Operator) You don’t have to hold her down, you don’t have to put anything on her mouth don’t hold her down, don’t do CPR

(Friend 2) ..and I turned her head to the side.

(Operator) Just keep watching her, anything comes out of her mouth wiper her down.

Much of the transcript has been edited due to California’s medical privacy laws, however this is yet another example of the many side effects these synthetic marijuana products have.  She was also known to be on other substances, specifically mentioning “whipits”, near the time of the event. her husband Ashton Kutcher stated that she is currently in rehab for “exhaustion” and she is doing better.

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