Boy Dies After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

A Westmoreland County boy whose lungs were damaged after smoking artificial marijuana died this past October.

A 13-year-old S eighth-grader lost the fight for his life in UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, his mother said. After smoking synthetic marijuana, his lungs became so damaged that he had to receive a lung transplant to save his live.

The boy had to receive a double lung transplant because the damage done to his lungs was so extensive. He was reported to have smoked synthetic marijuana, which does by several names such as K2 incense, Spice, Blaze and Vanilla Sky. In June of this past year, the 13 year old was placed on a respirator to keep him alive. After the transplant, he was placed on auto-immune suppressive drugs to prevent his body from rejecting the transplanted lungs. These auto immune suppressive drugs left him open to an infection, of which he died from.

Despite being a strong child while growing up, his family was reduced to reading his lips towards the end, as he didn’t have the strength to speak.

It is understood that he smoked the synthetic marijuana through a pez dispenser.

He survived about a month after the transplant before his body succumbed to the infection.

Besides being directly or indirectly responsible for causing death, synthetic marijuana is responsible for a long list of side effects.

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