Bath Salt and Energy drink overdose

Wisconsin Man overdoses on energy drinks and bath salts

A 28 year old man was found passed out in a random person’s driveway, and was taken to the hospital. It was discovered that the man had overdosed on energy drinks and bath salts.

Bath Salts have recently come into the main stream, as more and more horror stories surrounding their use start making their way into the mainstream media. One of the primary chemical components in bath salts is MDPV, a substance known for many detrimental side effects.

According to a report by the Caledonia Police, officers found the man lying on the floor of his van.

An individual said he found the van in his own driveway. The individual stated the the engine was off and that no keys were found in the ignition. The victim was found slouched over the steering wheel. There was a cell phone in the man’s possession, and the last dialed contact was that of his mother.

She told the police her son has a problem with drugs, that he had just gotten out of rehab and he liked to get high on energy drinks and a substance (probably synthetic marijuana) he buys off of the Internet. Unfortunately, there are still online retailers of thee substances.

Police were informed that the man had inhaled the drugs through his nasal passages.

There has been an ever increasing wave of reported bath salt and K2 incense related incidents. Many end up fatal, some are even apocalyptic.

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