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Senate Passes Bill To Ban Synthetic Marijuana

(New York) – The New York State Senate today passed legislation, sponsored by sponsored by Senator John Flanagan (2nd Senate District), that would ban the sale of synthetic marijuana products throughout New York State was passed today by the New York State Senate. This fake drug, which has been legally available under a variety of names like K2 incense, Spike 99 and Spice at stores throughout New York State, including on Long Island and just blocks away from the State Capitol in Albany, is smoked as an alternative to marijuana and has similar effects.

Somerton officials warn parents of drug-like herbs

SOMERTON — City officials are urging parents to keep certain herbal products out of their kids’ hands.

The warning comes in the wake of what Somerton City Councilman Luis Galindo said were complaints that youths in the city had been found with herbal incense that could be similar to Spice, a product sometimes referred to as “synthetic” or “imitation” marijuana.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration recently banned the Spice and K2 incense brands of herbal products, both of which contain a mixture of herbs that imitate the effects of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Hunterdon Drug Awareness warns of the dangers of legal synthetic drugs

Synthetic marijuana also known as synthetic cannabinoids (“Spice/K2”) and synthetic amphetamine MDPV/mephedrone also known as synthetic stimulants (“Bath Salts”) are being sold in many places — including non-chain convenience stores — and to anyone regardless of age

Macomb County Girl Nearly Dies after Smoking ‘Green Cobra’

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. (WJBK) – They’re marketed as potpourri or incense.  They’re available at smoke shops and gas stations.  They say right on them “not for human consumption,” and there’s a good reason why.

“She was seconds from going on the ventilator.  Without help, within ten minutes she would have died,” a mother told FOX 2.

She and her daughter asked not to be identified, but want their story told to protect others.

“Barely Legal” newest form of fake pot

Live Oak — The Drug Enforcement Administration recently issued an emergency ban on chemicals used to make fake weed, also known as K2 incense and other names . However, its ‘barely legal’ counterpart has already shown up in at least one local convenience store.

Shortly after the DEA announced its ban, manufacturers reportedly started advertising marijuana mimicking products with names like “Barely Legal” that have less chemicals.

TxDPS bans selling, using synthetic pot

While Port Arthur and Nederland have passed local bans against the selling of K2 incense, spice, a type of synthetic marijuana sold like an incense at many convenient stores, the City of Orange has decided to not pass a local ordinance to ban the substance, as they do not feel that a local ban is needed, City Manager Shawn Oubre said.

Fake pot comes with real risks

Use of the chemicals has led to more than 3,500 calls to poison control centers since the start of last year.

By JUSTIN BLUM Bloomberg News

Derek Williams was working as a trash-truck driver when his cousin told him about K2, a product made from plant materials and chemicals that provided a legal, marijuana-like high. Williams saw his ticket out of the residential rubbish business: Make a better blend.He studied compounds that mimic the effects of pot, and almost a year after creating his own brand, Syn Incense, in his home in Kansas City, Mo., Williams, 29, says he has sold more than $1.5 million worth in at least 10 states. Marketing the product as incense helps him avoid federal regulations, even though he said he knows most customers smoke it.

K2 One Step Closer to Being Outlawed

Synthetic pot, also known as K2, is one step closer to being outlawed in Texas after proposed legislation that would add it to the list of illegal controlled substances tentatively passed the Texas House today.

House bill 597 by state Rep. Jerry Madden, R-Plano, the companion to SB 331 by Sen. Florence Shapiro, R-Plano, would create a new penalty group under the Health and Safety Code that includes the chemicals that make up K2. Possession or distribution of less than two ounces of the compound would be a class B misdemeanor, two to four ounces a class A misdemeanor, and possession of four ounces to five pounds a state jail felony. Shapiro’s bill was passed out of the senate in March.

Synthetic marijuana products creating new set of problems


Anyone familiar with the trajectory of addiction will recognize the story of Z – even if the drug of choice in that tale comes as a surprise.

Not yet 21 years old, he began smoking marijuana in his mid-teens and graduated to harder drugs like cocaine a few years later. He experienced the loss of a friend and gave up on the life he knew, eventually dropping out of high school and turning to petty crime and drug peddling to support his new lifestyle.

Then he got busted. As part of a court supervision agreement which would keep his record untarnished, Z was ordered to undergo monthly drug tests and stay clean. Yet, it was that very measure that led him to a new drug, and, ultimately, his downfall.

A legal high: Examining designer drugs

Bath salts, incense blends still dangerous

By Crystal Hilliard

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Some might dabble in legal designer drugs, thinking they’re an alternative to, or a softer version of something like marijuana. But they’ve proven to be risky and dangerous — perhaps worse than even some of their illegal counterparts, experts told Target 8.

Chris Grondman has gotten high on K2 incense, often known as spice, or synthetic marijuana.

Synthetic drugs outlawed

City criminalizes possession, sale of K2 incense, ‘bath salts’

Smithville city officials have been discussing curbing the use of two drugs sold as incense and bath salts that are making people sick.

During its meetings May 3  and 17, the Smithville Board of Aldermen addressed criminalizing the possession or sale of synthetic cannabinoids sold as incense or potpourri and a strong stimulant sold as bath salts. The board was expected to vote at its meeting this past Tuesday, May 17.The proposed fine for breaking the new law, which would be a misdemeanor, carries a maximum fine of $500, and each day a person is in violation constitutes a separate offense. Synthetic cannabinoids

‘Bath Salts’ Sweep Salina

SALINA, KS. (kcur) – After Kansas law enforcement agencies got wind of people smoking a synthetic form of marijuana called K-2 incense last year, they went straight to the Kansas Legislature and got a new law banning the active ingredients. Problem solved, right? Well as Bryan Thompson reports, turns out it’s not that simple.

The product called K-2 is marketed as incense or potpourri. The label says it’s not intended for human consumption. But law enforcement officials said it was being smoked by people who were on parole or probation. They used it because it produced a high similar to marijuana, but would not show up in a urinalysis test.


Police: Mentor Man Arrested After He Is Caught With ‘Incense’

Jason Lea

Man faces a felony for having what is marketed as incense but is actually synthetic cannabinoid

A Mentor man is in trouble for having what is marketed as incense but is actually synthetic marijuana, Mentor Police Lt. Ken Zbiegien said.

Daniel Meeks, 20, was arrested after a traffic stop and arraigned Friday morning in Mentor Municipal Court.


Fake Pot Has Real Side Effects

It’s a synthetic drug that is supposed to be banned by the DEA, so why is it still available in stores in Rhea County? That’s exactly what one parent wants to know after, she says, her daughter smoked the synthetic marijuana and almost died. It goes by the names herbal incense, K2, and kush. It’s synthetic pot, and it’s effects can be similar, if not more powerful, than the actual drug itself. One high school student in Dayton learned that the hard way, while giving her mother the scare of her life.

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