Two Fenton businesses caught in K2 incense sting operation

The owners of two businesses in Fenton could face criminal charges after Fenton police and the Flint Area Narcotics Group (FANG) confiscated products containing a Schedule I controlled substance, illegal to possess in Michigan. Police will release the names of the businesses if the prosecutor’s office issues warrants.

Lt. Jason Slater, of the Fenton Police Department, said a woman reported to police that her son allegedly bought a pack of herbal incense manufactured by Posh Party USA at a store in Fenton. Concerned that young people were smoking it, the woman contacted police to investigate.

Working together, Fenton police and FANG officers conducted a sting operation at two businesses selling the Posh Party USA products. The products are sold as k2 incense.

The products in question were purchased and sent to the Michigan State Police crime lab for analysis. Slater said the test revealed that the incense contained a substance known as JWH-250, which is a synthetic Schedule I, controlled substance. It is defined as a hallucinogenic substance.

On Monday, FANG offices and Fenton police returned to these two businesses and purchased more of the products. Following the sale, all of the products (approximately 50 packs) manufactured by Posh Party USA and K2 incense, both of which police say contain illegal substances.

Slater said one of the business owners claimed to have no knowledge of the substances found in the products.

FANG will be presenting the case to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office for review as it seeks arrest warrants for distribution of a Schedule I, controlled substance.

Slater said websites for the products claim the products they sell are legal. However, they also state that the products “are not for human consumption.”

“We’re trying to educate the businesses and the public,” said Slater. “There is no difference — it’s illegal. It is illegal to possess.”


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