Sythetic drug ban, including K2 incense goes into effect.

Moorhead, MN (WDAY TV) – A ban on “Fake Pot” in Minnesota is in effect.. Starting today.

The new law which bans synthetic drugs sold as incense, known as K2 incense, Ice or Synthetic marijuana. Its now a misdemeanor to possess and illegal to sell. A group of retailers including the owner of Discontent in Moorhead sued Hennepin County saying the law is “too broad” but it was struck down Thursday. Law enforcement says its just another law they will enforce.

Lt. Brad Penas: “You know, laws are changing everyday and that’s what the legislators are in session for and to do the right thing for the public and this situation they’re trying to protect the people.”

Moorhead police also say they will be visiting stores in town to make sure they are not selling k2 incense or any other synthetic marijuana products.


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