Some Pennsylvania Gas Stations, Tobacco Shops Still Selling K2 incense, Synthetic Marijuana Substitutes

Poconos, Pennsylvania

K2 Incense , Synthetic Marijuana Posters, Paraphernalia
K2 Incense posters , synthetic marijuana posters, jars of synthetic marijuana and paraphernalia on display (White Rhino, Mr. Sticy, Dragon, Knockout, Flame)

A brief survey being conducted over the past month shows that one out of the three local retailers who used to sell K2 incense and synthetic marijuana products is currently still selling these products.  When asked if PA had banned synthetic marijuana, the man behind the counter responded with, “Yes, but they have some time, like couple months. ”

One retailer had removed his stock from the shelves, and the other retailer had denied ever selling synthetic marijuana in the first place. These three retailers were within 10 minutes of each other, in the Pocono mountains.

Jars of K2 Incense subsitutes and packets of synthetic marijuana on display
Jars of K2 Incense substitutes and packets of synthetic marijuana on display

The store owner’s statement  is not factual.  If a Pennsylvania State Police officer pulls you over, and you are caught possessing any synthetic marijuana products, including K2 Incense, you will be arrested and cited with a DUI, and a fine for possession of a schedule 1 drug under federal law.

Synthetic Marijuana, spice and k2 incense come with some serious health risks and side effects, including: headaches, dizziness, prolonged unwanted after effects, shortness of breath and many others. The chemical compounds used in synthetic marijuana have chemical structures to known carcinogens, and may be responsible for many cancer cases in the future.

Comotose candy, Fusion Cloud 9 on display in a
Comatose Candy, Fusion, Cloud 9 on display in a North Eastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Shop

Pennsylvania K2 Incense laws, synthetic marijuana laws,  bath salts laws

Pennsylvania penalties for bath salts and synthetic marijuana including k2 Incense are:

  1. Possession with the Intent to Distribute- an ungraded felony with a maximum sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000

  2. Simple Possession- Up to one year in prison and up to $2500 in fines for a first offense. If it is a subsequent offense then it is up to 3 years in prison with up to $25,000 in fines

  3. DUI-Drugs- Up to six months in prison, 12 month license suspension and $5,000 in fines for a first offense (see PA DUI Penalties for more details)

Chemicals used in synthetic marijuana (k2 incense) banned under the legislation


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