K2 incense and other Synthetic Marijuana Substances Banned in Missouri Saturday

K2 and other Synthetic Substances Banned in Missouri Saturday

Mary Moloney, Jason Crow | Reporter, Photographer

Springfield, MO — With the stroke of a pen, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon made the sale, distribution or possession of synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cocaine illegal.  Starting Sunday, people who have k2 incense, bath salts, and other substances can be charged with a felony. To read the new law, click here. The bill summary is here. Yet for many around the Ozarks, the law is an infringement on people’s rights. Saturday, Troy White was looking to buy a package of the soon-to-be outlawed substance. “I do it. I drink a beer. It’s not going to hurt anybody,” he said. Danny Helton is another user of synthetic weed. He picked up a package of Cloud 10 Storm, a product marked as incense at a Springfield gas station.

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