Synthetic Marijuana use on the Rise in Michigan and Maralyand

No good news for synthetic marijuana products

Maryland doctors warn of the dangers of synthetic marijuana, particularly in Howard county.

Dr. David Monroe outlined two specific, recent incidents in which synthetic marijuana played a role in emergency room visits. The first incident he logged, involved a teenager who was vomiting every ten minutes after smoking synthetic marijuana in a high school bathroom.

In a separate incident, Another teenager was taken to the emergency room after threatening to kill himself after smoking synthetic marijuana. The teen’s parents contacted police, which in turn took him to the hospital for treatment. Dr. Monroe stated that these incidents are just the ‘tip of the ice berg” when referring to synthetic marijuana related cases. Maryland itself doesn’t have any current laws banning synthetic marijuana on the books, however there are federal laws banning such substances.

 Michigan sees uptick in synthetic marijuana abuse reports

Michigan police and doctors as well are all on the same page when it comes to synthetic marijuana products, such as K2 incense and spice. These potpourri-like substances have been responsible for may emergency room visits in recent years and months.

Unwitting users don’t realize that there are many different compounds in use in synthetic marijuana,  and he doses of these compounds vary extremely from packet to packet.

The list of side effects for these products also extends well beyond the scope of real marijuana, including seizures, heart palpitations, and temporary blindness.

Another popular misconception is that synthetic marijuana does not show in drug tests, however laboratories are scrambling to make these kits available to the public at a reasonable cost. has available several synthetic marijuana drug testing kits available for sale, if you suspect your teen is consuming such products.

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