Indiana and Georgia Crack Down on Synthetic Marijuana Sales

In Indiana, another new crackdown is underway for synthetic marijuana. Last year, several compounds were banned under emergency legislation. Since then, new compounds not covered under the first ban.

Last week, a new, stronger ban was put into place placing more chemicals under the ban list.  Undercover agents went store to store ensuring that local gas stations and convenience stores weren’t still selling these substances.

 WISHTV reports that the chemicals used in synthetic marijuana can cause delusions, rapid heart beat, paranoia, and reports of suicide.

Under the new Indiana ban, stores still caught selling these products can face a fine of up to $10,000 and 8 years in jail.


In Monroe county, Georgia, a similar sweep for synthetic marijuana is under way. The Monroe Drug Task Force in conjunction with Monroe County Deputies went to every convenience store and gestation in the county to secure remaining synthetic marijuana compounds. T8c, KUSH, K2 Crazy Monkey, Spice, and others are among the substances covered under the tightened bans.

Starting this past Tuesday, all such substances are now covered under the new ban. In the latest sweep of these substances, over 256 packages were confiscated with a street value of around $10,000.

Since these substances have taken to the streets, there have been conformed reports of several deaths related to the consumption of these products.

Unlike real pot, these substances have a hallucinogenic quality and can cause severe delusions in people who consume them. These substances also have unregulated doses of the active ingredients, further complicating the matter.

If you suspect your teen may be using synthetic marijuana, there are several companies now offering drug testing kits that can detect the key compounds in these substances.

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