Florida Outlines Synthetic Marijuana, Bath Salts Ban

Washington County Sheriff’s Office through a joint effort with the Chipley Police Department, would like local residents and retailers know about the recent changes in law concerning synthetic drugs, including k2 incense and bath salts.

During the 2011 legislative session, the Florida Legislature proposed a law that was signed by Governor Rick Scott that makes possession or sale of synthetic “cannabinoids” or “synthetic marijuana” a crime in this state.
The compound most commonly found in synthetic cannabinoids is “JWH-018″, but the law also outlaws other chemicals like “JWH-200″, “JWH-018″, “HU-210″ and “CP 47.”   The common names for these substances include “K2 incense” or “Spice.”

Synthetic cannabinoids are now classified as a “Schedule I” hallucinogen meaning there is a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use in the state of Florida.  The sale, possession, manufacture or delivery of “synthetic cannabinoids” will be a third degree felony.

“This is a public safety issue. These synthetic drugs are as dangerous, and in some cases more dangerous, than the illegal drugs we currently see in our community” states Sheriff Haddock.  “There is a sense among those who use these substances, especially young people, that synthetic drugs are safer alternatives to marijuana or meth.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.” Synthetic marijuana poses some serious health risks.  Numerous reports of overdosing have been springing up across the country, and posion control centers are scrambling to keep up with emergency calls.

During the same legislative session, a bill was proposed and passed banning the sale and possession of synthetic meth (also referred to as synthetic cocaine) also commonly known as “bath salts” and adding these to the list of Schedule 1 controlled substances.

The compound most commonly found in synthetic cocaine or “bath salts” is Methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV and mephedrone.   Common names for these substances include Bliss, Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky.

Synthetic meth or “bath salts” are causing extreme effects, some of which are equivalent to abusing methamphetamine, such as hallucinations, paranoia, suicidal thoughts, agitation and increased heart rate.

“Officers with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Chipley Police Department have personally visited every store in Washington County that sells these banned substances and cleared the shelves in response to these new laws” states Chief Kevin Crews.  “Any person or retailer found in possession of the above listed substances will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  No exceptions.”

The recent legislative and judicial actions in Florida on synthetic drugs is part of the ongoing nationwide ban on these substances.

Anyone with information on illegal drug activity contact us at 638-TIPS (8477) or by email at tips@wcso.us.

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