Saratoga Springs to Rid of Synthetic Marijuana

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY. – There’s an herbal incense that experts say can be more harmful than some illegal drugs and several Saratoga Springs High School students have been caught using it.

The city of Saratoga Springs Prevention Council is making an effort to get rid of the “legal” synthetic marijuana after several students were hospitalized after smoking it.

“We know several youth in the county who  have been hospitalized and are staying in mental health facilities because of use,” The Prevention Council’s Director of Counseling services Patty Kilgore said.

Kilgore says the Prevention Council’s working on a two fold campaign to take the incense, that’s sometimes called potpourri out of city stores.

“It’s just plain dangerous, it’s putting  a lot of unknown chemicals into students bodies,” Kilgore said.

First, she says the Council’s asked local smoke shops to remove the product from their shelves. Secondly, they’re going to work towards changing the law to make the substance illegal.

“This is dangerous to our youth, there’s nothing okay with using synthetic drugs,” Kilgore said.

Smoke shop owner Theresa Sheffer says she stopped selling the product a year ago after she way how her customers started reacting to it; several of them showing up at her door before she opened for the day.

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