Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) Dangers- Population Still Unaware

Study shows public is generally misinformed about synthetic marijuana products

In a recent study conducted by k2info.org administrators, it has been concluded that the majority of the population is still unaware of the dangers surrounding synthetic marijuana products.

In this non-scientific pole, a random assortment of people over the past 12 months have been interviewed on their experiences with synthetic marijuana products- K2 incense, Spice, and others (personal or second hand witness).

Those surveyed seemed to be under the impression that certain potpourri blends/mixes were being repackaged and marketed as synthetic marijuana. Most of the participants were unaware that this is only partially the case, not realizing that these herbs are actually sprayed with synthetic compounds designed to mimic the “high” marijuana produces. The original JWH compounds were designed in a laboratory for testing purposes on lab animals, to study the interaction between the drugs and brain receptors. There are supposedly 460 of these marijuana-like chemical compounds in existence.

Synthetic Marijuana is unregulated, and not sanctioned by FDA guidelines. When purchasing such products, it is not known how high a dose per gram of these drugs you are receiving. Even if you purchase a “3 gram bag” of synthetic marijuana, it is near impossible to tell how much of the chemical the plant matter receives during treatment. Potency is impossible to determine.

In almost 100% of the interviewed cases, however, at least one if not multiple side effects were reported, including but not limited to, shortness of breath, seizures, increased heart rate, sweating, the need/desire to obtain more product only after one use(addiction), severe prolonged headaches and migraines, and others.

Amongst the surveyed participants, the two primary reasons for purchasing such products fell under one of two categories:

1) Limited availability of real marijuana

2) The need to “stay clean” to pass looming drug tests.

All participants, after the survey was conducted, were made aware of the dangers that synthetic marijuana, Spice, K2 Incense pose.

If you or someone you know is consuming any synthetic marijuana products, be sure to let those persons know the facts surrounding these substances.  Synthetic marijuana is NOT a safe alternative to real marijuana, and it is generally an accepted fact that Synthetic Marijuana products are in fact much less safe than real marijuana.

States are still in the process of banning all synthetic drugs including Spice, K2 Incense, bath salts, and all other derivatives and similar products.  There is currently an emergency federal ban in place on these substances.

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